Rh – ABO Incompatibility is a condition characterized by excess bilirubin in blood. When the condition is not timely diagnosed and treated and a baby suffers injuries, it can give rise to a birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit.

Rh – ABO Incompatibility Facts

When the mother’s blood has antibodies that are against the baby’s blood type, newborn blood incompatibilities occur. The mother’s blood is transfused to the newborn via the umbilical cord, causing the breakdown of the infant’s red blood cells. The newborn is in danger of suffering from jaundice after birth if this happens.

ABO blood incompatibility impacts 20-25% of all pregnancy cases. This incompatibility of blood is not as severe as Rh blood incompatibility. Most significant disease occur when the infant is type A or type B and the mother is type O. It is not recommended to conduct a prenatal test for type A and type B antibodies because the condition is minor in nature.

The Rh blood type was named after the rhesus monkeys that were used for the early research in 1940s. The blood incompatibility for Rh can pose a great threat between the mother and fetus. This Rh blood incompatibility between the mother and fetus arises when the mother is Rh negative and father is Rh positive.

Consequences of Rh – ABO Incompatibility

If there is mother – fetus Rh incompatibility, the antibodies from mother’s blood destroy or damage the red blood cells of the baby. This incompatibility is one of the greatest causes of fatal issues related to blood for newborns. However, these events are rare and about .01% of all infants are born with Rh blood incompatibility. Mothers should know that the danger tends to increase as they have more children. With every birth, the chances of incompatibility increase.

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