Our birth injury lawyers handle birth injury cases involving Labor and Delivery negligence injuries.  A newborn can suffer serious and permanent injuries when a doctor, nurse, or midwife fails to follow the required protocol during the labor and delivery process.  When a baby suffers serious injuries and medical conditions due to medical negligence, it can give rise to a child birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit.

Irreversible injury may occur if a physician or healthcare center falls below the accepted standards in looking out for signs of fetal distress. If a labor and delivery negligence in Michigan does occur, there are a number of relevant questions that need to be ascertained:

  • Did the birth trauma arise due to failure to monitor? Forewarning can be made if the fetal is monitored properly. If the staff is not observing the monitor, many important signs are missed, rendering life-threatening injuries to the mother and the baby.
  • Did the medical practitioner fail to do a c-section when it had clearly been indicated? The baby is relieved of stress that could otherwise cause brachial plexus injury or brain damage, through a cesarean section.
  • Did the injury arise due to forceps? Did inadequate oxygen supply cause cerebral palsy? Our medical experts examine all records of the delivery room to find out what steps had been taken to prevent the birth injury.
  • Was Rh incompatibility brought into consideration? Was it treated during the pregnancy?
  • Did the baby have jaundice or some other infection that was not timely treated or diagnosed?

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Birth injuries of all kinds are to be taken seriously. Your child may have physical or cognitive disabilities, or even require assisted care. While you cannot reverse the harm, you can at least get compensation for what has happened.

A lawyer could learn more about your case and understand how negligence paid a part.  Call to speak with one of our top rated Michigan labor and delivery lawyers. The sooner you call us, the more help we can provide.

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