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If your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you unfortunately know better than anyone how devastating this experience can be, emotionally as well as financially. Neither you nor your child deserves to be in this situation. If that situation only came about because of a doctor’s reckless or careless conduct, you may have grounds to demand that they shoulder the costs of the harm they have done to your family.

Holding a healthcare provider liable for the effects of negligence can be complex under any circumstances, as any experienced birth injury attorney knows. However, if your family is dealing with a cerebral palsy diagnosis, representation from a Sterling Heights cerebral palsy lawyer is crucial for protecting your best interests and getting a good result.

Recovering for All Damages Caused by Cerebral Palsy

Like many other injuries and illnesses which can be caused by medical negligence during childbirth, cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition that will fundamentally change the course of life for any child. Because of that, it is important when filing suit over a cerebral palsy injury to account for immediately apparent losses and for expected future forms of harm as well.

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand over cerebral palsy caused by a doctor’s misconduct could incorporate damages like:

  • Medical expenses for care already rendered after birth, including initial diagnosis and treatment
  • Expected costs of future medical and/or therapeutic medical care, as well as assistive equipment like crutches and wheelchairs
  • Expected costs of in-home assistance, possibly including lost income for a parent who will need to care for the child full-time
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional and psychological trauma

A Sterling Heights cerebral palsy attorney could meet with you during a confidential consultation and discuss what losses you could seek out in your case.

Special Rules for Malpractice Claims in Sterling Heights

With very few exceptions, anyone who wants to file suit over the role a physician’s negligence played in a child developing cerebral palsy must do so within two years of when the initial negligence took place; or within six months of discovery of that negligence, up to a maximum of six years after when it actually occurred. Additionally, prospective plaintiffs must provide Notice of Intent to File Suit (NOI) upon all prospective defendants a minimum of 182 days—about six months—prior to filing suit.

Perhaps most importantly, Michigan state law sets a “cap”—or limit—on the total compensation a plaintiff can demand for non-economic forms of harm, even in situations where the negligence will undoubtedly result in lifelong harm. A qualified lawyer could explain these and other applicable rules in further detail as needed, and offer assistance in navigating them during a cerebral palsy claim in Sterling Heights.

Speak with a Sterling Heights Cerebral Palsy Attorney About Legal Options

Cerebral palsy is a serious medical condition that can be severely debilitating in both physical and intellectual terms. If your child was diagnosed with this condition and you believe a medical professional’s negligence is to blame, you may have limited time with which to take legal action against the person responsible for harming your family.

A conversation with a Sterling Heights cerebral palsy lawyer could offer you clarity about your rights and confidence about how best to enforce them. Schedule a meeting by calling us today. Our lawyers do not take a fee unless we win you the compensation that you deserve.

Sterling Heights Cerebral Palsy Resources

K12 Academics Cerebral Palsy Community – Support group that holds community discussions for families who have a child with cerebral palsy.

Messmore Elementary School – Elementary school in Sterling Heights that specializes in the education of cerebral palsy children.

United Cerebral Palsy of Metropolitan Detroit – Non-profit affiliate that assists people with disabilities and their families to access services, supports and resources within the Metro Detroit area.

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