Cerebral palsy, a developmental disorder stemming from brain damage suffered during gestation, birth, or early infancy, can produce different levels of severity. Possible symptoms range from mild difficulties with fine motor skills to catastrophic and lifelong losses of physical and cognitive ability. No matter how this condition manifests itself, any medical professional who contributes to causing it through their own misconduct can be held responsible for their actions.

Malpractice litigation over a cerebral palsy diagnosis can be a uniquely complex task on both legal and emotional levels. Assistance from an attorney experienced with handling medical negligence claims is crucial to achieving a positive case result. With a Grand Rapids cerebral palsy lawyer on your side, you could more effectively demand restitution for the losses you and your child have already sustained, and the harm you may deal with in the decades to come.

Early Warning Signs of Cerebral Palsy

While every case is different, visible signs of cerebral palsy usually begin to appear sometime within the first year of a child’s life. Formal diagnosis may occur anywhere from six months to three years after birth. The most identifiable warning signs are typically missed developmental milestones.

An example might be an infant being unable to roll over or hold their head straight when picked up, or an infant older than 10 months substantially favoring their hand or leg on one side while crawling or not crawling at all. Other symptoms which may indicate cerebral palsy in a young child include:

  • Involuntary jerky movements and exaggerated reflexes
  • Unusually stiff muscles, or dramatic variations in muscle tone in different areas of the body
  • Difficulty balancing or standing up
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills
  • Difficulty eating, drinking, chewing, swallowing, or speaking
  • Delayed growth

It is worth emphasizing that many of these symptoms can occur in children without cerebral palsy as well, so it is always worth consulting with a physician and receiving a formal diagnosis before discussing legal options with a Grand Rapids attorney.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

If there is sufficient evidence showing that negligence by a doctor during a child’s gestation, birth, or infancy led to brain trauma which in turn caused that child to develop cerebral palsy, it may be possible to demand civil compensation from that doctor and from all other parties who bear some fault for this outcome. In the short term, this could mean seeking restitution for previous medical diagnosis and treatment, as well as lost work income for parents who must stay home and care for their child.

More importantly, a comprehensive claim should demand compensation for various lifelong losses that may stem from cerebral palsy, including lost future earning capacity, physical pain and discomfort, emotional trauma, and lost overall enjoyment/quality of life. A cerebral palsy lawyer in Grand Rapids could provide further guidance during a private consultation about exactly what damages could be compensable through your claim.

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There are numerous restrictions on lawsuits against healthcare providers that do not apply to other forms of personal injury litigation. That can make it especially challenging to recover fair compensation for a cerebral palsy diagnosis. Fortunately, you have help available from compassionate legal professionals who know from prior experience how to fight and win on behalf of families like yours.

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Grand Rapids Cerebral Palsy Resources

Conductive Learning Center – Education program located in the City for children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Mary Free Bed Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Program – Program specializing in the treatment of children with CP.

Family Support Subsidy (FSS) Program – Financial assistance to families that include a child with severe developmental disabilities.

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