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Cerebral Palsy Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Cerebral Palsy Attorney in MichiganThe first thing that most parents do when their child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy is to start researching the internet for as much information as possible about the condition.  The amount of information available can seem overwhelming so we have listed a below several great resources and support groups that provide excellent information about the condition, medical care, and parent support groups.

Our law firm is an excellent resource of information about the legal rights of children who have cerebral palsy due to a medical mistake or error by a physician or hospital.   If you believe that your child’s condition was caused by medical negligence, call us today at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our award winning attorneys.  There is no obligation whatsoever if you call and we are happy to discuss your case with you by telephone or in person.