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What is the Michigan statute of limitations for filing a CP claim?

What is the Michigan statute of limitations for filing a CP claim?

There is strict statute of limitations for filing a cerebral palsy lawsuit in Michigan.  If you miss a deadline, your child’s claim could be barred forever and you may not be able to receive compensation or lifetime benefits.

Every state has its very own statute of limitations. Statute of limitations is the time in which you must file your lawsuit or it could be barred forever and you will not be able to collect compensation.

Typically, a child who suffers from cerebral palsy has up to their 10th birthday to file a claim against the negligent doctor, nurse, hospital, or other negligent medical profesionals or facilities.  However, even though Michigan law allows a suit to be brought within that time frame, it is important to remember that the sooner a claim is filed, the better it may be for your case.  This is because an attorney will have more time to investigate the matter and you will have a better memory of the series of events that took place and lead up to the birth of your child.  In addition, if the error that caused your child’s CP was caused by medical staff, waiting too long may make it harder to get in contact with that medical professional as they may have moved to a different hospital or medical facility.

In this video below, top rated cerebral palsy attorney Randy Blau explains the Michigan statute of limitations in more detail.

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