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How serious is jaundice if left untreated? Jaundice can lead to permanent injury in a newborn such as permanent brain damage if not promptly diagnosed and treated by doctors. It has been estimated that jaundice affects 60 percent of all newborns born annually across the globe. However, most babies are not seriously jaundiced, and react normally without further complications.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), jaundice is caused when bilirubin builds up in the newborn’s bloodstream faster than the liver can break it down and excrete it through the baby’s stool. As a result, this causes a yellowing in the newborns skin, and eyes.

Jaundice Treatment for Newborns

If mild to moderate jaundice occurs this most likely can be treated at home. Most doctors would recommend increasing the number of feedings to encourage more bowel movements, which helps eliminate bilirubin. However if Jaundice is more severe, phototherapy is a highly effective method used for treatment. It is the blue color in light that transforms the toxic form of bilirubin into a non-toxic, water soluble form that is eliminated.

Brain Damage in Newborns Caused by Jaundice

If brain damage occurs in your newborn caused by jaundice you may be entitled to benefits. Your child will need a lifetime of special care and attention in order to live a normal life. This can include special medical needs, special housing accommodations, and certainly special education and training needs.  Even more, most parents wonder who will care for their child when they get older and can no longer attend to the needs of their child any longer.

Birth Injury Lawsuits for Untreated Newborn Jaundice

The failure to timely diagnose and treat a newborn with jaundice can give rise to a birth injury lawsuit for medical malpractice.  To prove this type of case, it must be established that the child was born with jaundice, it was not timely diagnosed or treated, and if it was properly treated then the newborn would not have suffered any serious injury or harm.

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Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can prove these elements of the case for your child.   The settlements in these cases are typically very significant because the negligent medical providers must compensate both the child and the family for the lifetime of damages and for the necessary funds to provide the best care and education for the child.  To learn more about how a newborn jaundice lawsuit can help your child and your family, call our Michigan birth injury law team now at (800) 606-1717.