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Why should I choose Buckfire & Buckfire as the law firm for our case?

Why should I choose Buckfire & Buckfire as the law firm for our case?

You might be asking yourself why choose Buckfire & Buckfire to handle your child’s Michigan cerebral palsy case.  We are the best at what we do and have the expertise, skill, and experience to win your case.

We Have The ExperienceMichigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is a family owned law firm that has been in practice for almost 50 years.  We have a team of top rated attorneys that specifically specialize in cerebral palsy lawsuits and have earned the highest possible rating in the legal profession for both skill and integrity.

We Provide Proven Results

Our Michigan cerebral palsy attorneys provide results.  We don’t just say it – we have the cases and clients to prove it.  We have obtained significant settlements for our clients and have helped thousands of families secure their future.  Some of our most recent settlements include:

  • $3,750,000.00 settlement for a young boy who developed hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) due to lack of oxygen at time of birth.
  • $3,375,000.00 settlement for a young girl who devloped cerebral palsy as a result of an obstetrician’s failure to timely deliver her after the fetal heart monitor strips demonstrated signs of fetal distress causing a lack of oxygen to her brain.
  • $3,250,000 settlement for a four year old boy who sustained an anoxic brain injury due to failure to closely monitor the child while undergoing a diagnostic MRI under conscious sedation.

View more of our cerebral palsy settlements.

We Treat You With Respect & Dignity

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality personalized service.  Our attorneys only accept a small number of cerebral palsy cases so that we may be able to devote our full time and energy to each and every client.  We understand the importance of having a relationship with our client and that your child and family future is at stake.  We are committed to helping you receive maximum settlement while treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

An Attorney Will Be Working On Your Case

Unlike most other firms, our policy is that every case is handled by one of our top rated experienced attorneys.  Your case will not be handled by a paralegal or law clerk.  We also believe in an open communication policy which means your cerebral palsy attorney will be accessible to you by phone, e-mail, and for in person meetings.

We Offer a No Win, No Fee Promise

Our attorneys will represent you in your Michigan cerebral palsy case under our No Fee PromiseThis means that you will not be charged any legal fees whatsoever unless we obtain a settlement or recovery for you.  You have absolutely no obligation for legal fees unless we win your case.  If we do not obtain a settlement for you, you owe us nothing!

We Offer A Free, No Obligation Case Review

Our experienced Michigan cerebral palsy lawyers offer a free, no obligation case review to parents interested in learning more about their legal rights after their child has been diagnosed with CP.  In the U.S., 2 to 2.5% of babies in the U.S. are diagnosed with cerebral palsy by age three.  More often than not, the cause of the disorder is due to a medical error performed by the doctor.  You owe it to yourself and your family to find out if your child’s suffering was a direct result of medical mistake.

Call our top rated law firm today at (800) 606-1717 for your free, no obligation case review with one of our expert Michigan cerebral palsy attorneys.  We will discuss your case with you, explain your rights, and determine whether or not you are eligible to file a birth injury claim.  Call now!