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How is the amount determined in a cerebral palsy settlement ?

How is the amount determined in a cerebral palsy settlement?

There are many important factors that determine the amount of a cerebral palsy settlement. First and foremost, the significance of injury your child sustains has a direct determiniation of how much the settlement amount is worth.  Other factors may include whether there was direct negligence of the physician, the nurses, or resident physician, where the negligence occurred (i.e. hospital or doctor’s office), what county the birth injury occurred in,  and the exact medical professional(s) responsible for providing the care. 

In addition, a cerebral palsy settlement amount is determined by how long the child may require future medical treatment  or physical therapy to help treat the CP.  If a child will need lifetime care, the settlement amount for a CP lawsuit will be worth much more.

Top rated cerebral palsy Michigan attorney, Rand Blau answers in great detail what factors go into determining a cerebral palsy settlement in the video below. 

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