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How do I make sure my child is in the right school?

How do I make sure my child with cerebral palsy is in the right school?

As a parent you may wonder if the school your child is attending is the right school that fits their special needs.  Your child should be challenged to their utmost potential cognitively.  This may mean he or she is in a regular classroom with an aide, or in a regular classroom most of the day, and pulled out for parts of the day to attend therapy or resource room.

Michigan Cerebral Palsy LawyersWhatever the situation may be, and every situation will be different, parents should ensure that the school in which their child attends does have the resources needed so that they are able to participate at a level with his or her peers.  Examples of resources may include, but not limited to, an aide, computer, or communication device.

In addition, the school your child attends should also offer services such as PT, OT and Speech.  These therapy services help promote improved performance in the school environment and children with cerebral palsy should receive them.  If the school your child attends does not offer it, that school may not be the right school for your child. 

Our Michigan cerebral palsy attorneys recommend that if the school does not offer such therapy services that you should advocate for them.  Your neurologist, pediatrician, or caseworker may be able to help you with this.

Asking your treating therapist(s) to visit the school with you and your child to ensure the right programs and education plans are in place for your child and make any recommendations is also a great way to ensure your child is in the right school.  The recommendations that your therapist(s) makes can even be included in your child’s individualized education plan.

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