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Cerebral Palsy Information

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a term used to describe a set of chronic disorders that impair the brain’s ability to adequately control movement and posture.  More often than not, a baby can suffer from cerebral palsy due to a doctor or other medical professionals’ medical errors and negligence both before and during the birth.  This is unfortunate and devastating, as there is no cure for brain damage causing cerebral palsy and is permanent throughout the child’s entire life.

Cerebral Palsy Classification & Severity Level

Cerebral palsy is often classified by severity level as mild, moderate, severe, or no CP. These are broad generalizations that lack a specific set of criteria. Below is the common classification which offers a simple method of communicating the scope of impairment.

  • Mild: A child can move without assistance; his or her daily activities are not limited.
  • Moderate: A child will need braces, medications, and adaptive technology to accomplish daily activities.
  • Severe: A child will require a wheelchair and will have significant challenges in accomplishing daily activities.
  • No cerebral palsy: A child has cerebral palsy signs, but the impairment was acquired after completion of brain development and is therefore classified under the incident that caused the disorder, such as traumatic brain injury or encephalopathy.

Medical Errors Causing Cerebral Palsy

Medical Errors Causing Cerebral PalsySome of the most common causes of CP that may give rise to filing a Michigan cerebral palsy lawsuit include the failure to:

  • Order specific tests during pregnancy; and not interpreting these tests correctly
  • Perform a cesarean section in the presence of fetal distress
  • Deliver the infant when the membranes have been ruptured for more than 24 hours
  • Monitor the fetus, or to respond to signs of fetal distress
  • Act quickly when the water breaks, there was unexpected bleeding, labor failed to progress, or maternal blood pressure rose suddenly.

Other possible forms of negligence in which a cerebral palsy lawsuit may be filed include the administration of too much Pitocin, failing to refer the mother to a specialist when problems arose during the pregnancy, and neglecting to have a pediatrician present at delivery during a high-risk pregnancy.

Caring For A Child With Cerebral Palsy

A child who suffers from cerebral palsy will need a variety of services to make life livable for them and to gain some measure of independence.  Because it is a non-progressive health condition, it does not necessarily worsen over time, however services such as medications, therapy, and lifetime medical treatment may all be required to help the child cope with the disability.

What To Do If Your Child Suffers From Cerebral Palsy

While every child is affected in a variety of ways, the fact of the matter is that the effects are very traumatic and unfortunately a child will suffer their entire lifetime due to someone else’s mistake. In the event that CP was due to the medical negligence or error of a doctor or medical professional, a lawsuit may be able to be filed to obtain a settlement to compensate the child and his/her parents. This often includes significant funds necessary to care for the child throughout their lifetime.

Contact Our Michigan Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

If you believe that your child’s cerebral palsy was caused my a medical error or mistake, you should contact our experienced Michigan medical malpractice lawyers to review your case.  We will get all of the medical records and review them with top medical experts.  If we determine that the cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence, we will file a lawsuit for you and your child.  We charge no legal fees whatsoever unless you receive a settlement and we pay all of the case expenses.

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Warning:  There are strict time limitations for filing this type of claim in Michigan, therefore it is important that you contact one of our experienced attorneys immediately who is an expert at handling medical malpractice and birth injury cases. If you miss a deadline, your claim will be lost forever and you may not be able to be compensated for medical bills incurred and lifetime treatment your child may need.