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A Michigan medical malpractice lawsuit brought on behalf of a child with cerebral palsy recently settled for $1,950,000 for our client.  The child suffered from fetal asphyxia which resulted in cerebral palsy.  She has significant developmental delays as a result of her injuries.

The lawsuit alleged that the defendant hospital was negligent for failing to properly follow-up after a significant drop in the amniotic fluid was noted.  The suit alleged that the this should have led to further evaluation and a recommendation that the expecting mother return to the hospital sooner.  Expert testimony established that proper medical care would have prevented the injuries to the child.

In cases where a doctor, nurse, or hospital commits medical errors that cause cerebral palsy or other injuries to a newborn, there may be legal recourse for the child and the family.  In many cases, the child will have specialized living needs, require special education, and have other medical and supervision needs over his or her lifetime.  When the injuries were due to medical malpractice or negligence, the family and child can pursue compensation through an experienced  medical malpractice lawyer.