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Although uterine ruptures happen on a rare occasion, our birth injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. want to make sure soon to be mothers are aware of this type of birth complication. The term uterine rupture is used for any series of events, from a weak spot in uterine wall to the tearing open of the uterus and the fetus, extruding a lot of blood into mother’s abdomen.  If the rupture occurs during the labor and delivery period, the baby can recede back into the birth canal.  When this happens, the baby can go into fetal distress and it is necessary to perform an emergency C-section.

Signs of Uterine Ruptures

There should be trained professionals watching over the mother and fetus to ensure a uterine rupture does not happen. If a trained professional is doing their job correctly they might notice either:

  • Extreme pain and abnormalities shown in the fetuses heart rate


  • Vaginal bleeding

Uterine ruptures can cause serious injuries to the mother causing hemorrhaging and needing a blood transfusion. The uterus may not even be repairable, needing surgery to remove. In addition, the baby might not survive due to the lack of oxygen, and at times, even the mother’s life cannot be saved.  If the baby does survive, he or she may have suffered a serious brain injury due to the lack of oxygen.

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If a doctor or hospital fails ignores the signs and symptoms of a uterine rupture and the mother or baby suffers an injury as a result, you should contact our Michigan birth injury lawyers immediately.  We will obtain all of your medical records and have them reviewed by our medical experts.  If our medical team determines that you received improper medical care, we will file a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking all damages allowed under Michigan law.  We will represent you and your child under our No Fee Promise, which means we charge no legal fees or costs unless we win you a settlement.  Call now!